9 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Destination Wedding

January 17, 2020


What could be more romantic than saying ‘I Do’ surrounded by your closest friends and family with the beach as your backdrop? While destination weddings are ridiculously dreamy, they do come with a few challenges that can be easily avoided if you know how to tackle them from the get-go. With that in mind, if you want to tie the knot without a hitch, keep reading…



Not giving your guests enough notice


For couples who are choosing to get married at home, you generally only need to give your guests two months notice before the wedding date, so there’s no mad rush to send out your invitations. However, with a destination wedding you’re asking your guests to book time off work, book accommodation and start saving money so they can attend your celebration. They’ll need to be aware of your wedding date at least six months in advance. It’s also worth setting up a wedding website so that you can detail any essential information as soon as you’ve got it to hand.



Not knowing the rules


You need to make sure you are completely aware of what the rules are for your marriage license in the country that you’ve chosen to get wed. If you’re hiring a destination wedding planner, they will be able to do a lot of the hard work for you but always ensure you do your research before you commit to tying the knot abroad.



Forgetting to consider the weather


While you may be lucky enough to be marrying the Maldives, always check the weather! You might have pictured a sunshine-filled celebration, but it may actually be monsoon season. Ask the resort about the local weather and the best time to get married there – your guests will thank you too!



Scheduling in too much for your guests


Obviously you’re going to want to make sure your guests are happy and entertained throughout the celebration, but allow them some time to relax and unwind with their friends and family – it’s their vacation too, after all. We recommend spoiling your guests with some destination wedding welcome bags for when they arrive and getting together with an evening meal to break the ice, but offer them suggestions for activities they can do during their stay rather than scheduling them in.



Not letting your guests settle in 


We bet you can’t wait to get the party started but just be mindful that your guests will be tired from travelling, so let them settle in and explore the setting before the big day. For instance, if everyone is arriving Thursday we would recommend hosting your wedding on the Saturday.



Doing too much DIY


Getting crafty with your wedding décor may be budget savvy but just keep in mind that you will have to carry everything with you in your suitcase if you’re travelling abroad, and you don’t want to run out of room.  If you can’t resist doing some DIY, make sure your finished items are small and light enough to travel with.



Location, location, location!


If you have your heart set on getting married abroad, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect location. With so many beautiful places across the globe, we’re spoilt for choice. However, try not to go too rural. You want your destination wedding venue to be easily accessible for your guests – how long will it take them to get there? Will it be too expensive? While you may have fallen in love with the idea of exchanging your vows on top of a snowy mountain, it may not be the right vacay for your friends and family.



Forgetting to use Wedding Forex


Planning a destination wedding is a mammoth task, so make it easier for yourself with the help of Wedding Forex. It will give you piece of mind when it comes to payment, whether that’s negotiating fees when transferring money abroad or worrying if it’s been received at the other end. Our easy-to-use platforms eliminate any stress when it comes to sending funds – find out more here.



Not having time to enjoy it 


A destination wedding isn’t just about getting married. It’s about relaxing, celebrating and having fun with your closest friends and family. It’s not every day you’ll find yourself in a tropical location with your loved ones, after all. So amongst the wonderful chaos of wedding planning, enjoy every second of it.



If you are currently planning your destination wedding or booking your honeymoon, you can register an account for free by clicking here. If you're still unsure whether or not a destination is for you, check out our pros & cons here


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