How to renew your wedding vows abroad? Heres what you need to know.

January 14, 2019

You've decided that you and your husband/wife would like to celebrate and renew your vows after years of being happily married. You want to say "I do" again to rekindle that love you have for each other all those years ago. You've typed into google "how to renew your wedding vows abroad" and turned up at this helpful blog to give you the low down on what you need to know!


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Most couples decide they want to jet away to a destination location and plan an overseas vow renew, for the pure simply fact they didn't do that in the first place. You want something new and adventurous to spice things up and wow your loving guests. There are many locations when it comes to vow renewal, so the possibilities are endless!


Legal Requirements

You cannot legally marry again once you are married to your loved one. So you will have to go down the celebrant option if you are choosing to renew your wedding vows anyway. It's the perfect option as you get to personalise your vows and reflect on your many happy years of marriage. However, if you do choose to go for the more religious route and renew your vows in a church or other religious building, you may need to show your original marriage certificate to prove you are married. 


What do you wear for a vow renewal?

It's always down to the individual couple in respects to vow renewals. You can choose to go in your original wedding attire, or perhaps you want to choose something new and relevant to modern trends. If you are choosing to renew your vows abroad then your old wedding attire may not be appropriate for the heat and glorious sunshine with a destination. If you are opting for a casual vow renewal you may decide to go in a formal dress or suit and head off to a low key location.


Do you pay for your guests to attend a vow renewal?

I think its important to treat it as you would a normal wedding, but a bit more relaxed. It isn't etiquette to pay for your guests to travel out and view your overseas vow renewal, however you may feel like you want to pay for their food costs attending the event. As renewing your wedding vows abroad is more of a relaxed approach, it really isn't an area you need to stress about as most people will assume they pay for themselves.


Can I use Wedding Forex to pay for my vow renewals abroad?

Absolutely! Your guests can use our service to pay for their accommodation too and save money along the way. People don't often want to spend a huge amount on a vow renewal abroad (as you already spent the first time!) so saving money on pay for your vow renewal can be done through Wedding Forex. It doesn't cost anything to register and we only charge £10 for any payments under £3000. We offer very competitive rates so you can keep that extra money to spend on your guests! 


If you would like to register you can do so by clicking this link.

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