Is it etiquette to ask your guests to pay with a destination wedding?

December 31, 2018



Is it etiquette to ask your guests to pay with a destination wedding?

It's one of those questions that always come up with an overseas wedding, and one that comes with awkwardness. 


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The truth is, as a couple you shouldn't feel awkward with asking guests to pay for their accommodation and flights to get to your wedding. It is certainly not etiquette to pay for all of your guests when they are travelling to your overseas wedding. It's important to remember that etiquettes are always changing with society changing at all times. It's not usual for the brides parents to pay for everything anymore, most couples pay for their weddings themselves nowadays. 


Weddings are very expensive, and when choosing a destination wedding option, you want your guests to have the most amazing time, for the budget that you've got to work with. You are the ones spending a lot of money so your guests have an amazing time, it's only fair that your guests give some of that input too by paying for their own costs. You want all your guests to enjoy their time away, and have a holiday after all! 


What about bridesmaid/groomsmen outfits?

Many members of the wedding party will offer to pay for their own outfits, however I think this is still an area that is preferential of the couple. Some couples like to pay for all of these, as they see it their duty when asking a person to be part of that wedding party. However, some couples would like the wedding party to purchase their own outfits as these are usually kept by the wedding party anyway. 


What about travel arrangements for my destination wedding?

It is very normal to ask your guest to contribute towards travel costs getting to your venue of choice, especially when the wedding is at a different location to where your guests are staying. Costs are minimal and guests should be making their own way to your chosen venue. Once again, it is always a personal preference with couples, and if you feel like you should pay for these travel arrangements then of course that is up to you. Most European locations have minimal fees for coach hire, so this tends to be cost effective on getting your guests to where they need to be safely.


You can choose to pay for some guests that cannot afford to go.

Don't be afraid to pay for guests that cannot simply afford the costs of attending your wedding. If you keep it on the down-low then nobody can get hurt by this. So many of us are fortunate to be able to take many holidays a year and benefit from the sunshine, but some of us just can't spare the expense with todays living costs going up and up. It's such a wonderful thing to be able to pay for family members that would love to see you both getting married in your chosen wedding destination. So if you feel you want to, then by all means go for it!


Can my guests use Wedding Forex to make their payments for their accommodation?

Absolutely! It's a cost-effective way in making sure you and your guests save money any way you can. All hotels will accept a bank-transfer so you just need to use these details when booking via email. If you are reserving accommodation in a block, you can use Wedding Forex to pay the bulk in advance and have your guests pay directly to your Wedding Forex account. It's free to register and we only charge £10 for payments under £3000! What have you got to lose? Register today.


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