Why are millennials eloping overseas for their wedding?

November 13, 2018

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It comes as no surprise in this day and age when a couple tell you they choose to elope overseas. With a growing trend in destination weddings, there are many locations to choose from and settings that you just can't always get in your home country.


There are many reasons why millennials are choosing to elope rather than plan a family wedding event. As a millennial myself, it's easy for me to understand the mindset of other young minded couples deciding to tie the knot. The main difference between an elopement and a wedding, is the elopement is more about celebrating the marriage and the love a couple have for each other. Rather than having to celebrate with everyone else, it's kept solely between you as a couple.


It's effort to plan a wedding. Even people that enjoy planning their wedding, know it's effort. Millennials are lazy (as much as we like to think we aren't) but we want something that's easy. A holiday and marriage combined in one is the perfect combination! There's no hiring a venue, no guests lists to follow, no menu tastings and no stress! 


We don't want to follow tradition when it comes to a millennial. Anything done before is old fashioned and we want something new. Where elopement stands, it breaks the traditional barrier. By combining your marriage and honeymoon into one, you've got so much to look forward to with the least amount of stress and money. Money, another obstacle that come with millennials as we save thousands for our perfect home, we then can't spend on our wedding!


It's very cost affective when it comes to paying for your elopement wedding overseas. Take Las Vegas for example, the average elopement costing between $495 and $695 for a basic package. This even gives you the witnesses so you don't need to worry about who to pick to take with you! Most airlines will store your wedding dress safely and transport to your destination elopement location. It's a no brainer really.


Instagram, instagram and instagram. Yes, I've said is three times because us millennials live by instagram. It's where we all find our inspiration, whether it's wedding, holiday, food, body transformations or following the hundreds of celebrities to be nosy. It's where you go to look first if you want to find a photo of somewhere or something you want or need. Elopement weddings are perfect for inspiring young millennial couples who wish to have those oh so perfect instagram photos to share with friends and family.


You can experiment. Eloping is far more than just getting married in Las Vegas. Vegas is of course one of the popular destinations but we are seeing an increasing number of elopements in destination wedding locations. South Africa for example has quadrupled in the amount of weddings and we see a lot of this over instagram. Many being suppliers are getting asked to cover this location as the ever so increasingly popular place for that beautiful background setting. 


Whether you choose to elope or plan a full wedding, the choice is completely up to you. You can always save money and ensure a smooth process by registering with Wedding Forex to get the best price for your destination wedding.


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