Currency News - Is Brexit Going To Affect Your Destination Wedding?

October 15, 2018

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How will Brexit affect our Overseas Wedding?


It's the question everyone has been asking. As a Wedding Planner it's an on-going question that is asked from destination wedding couples with myself and other destination wedding suppliers. Whilst it is easy to just ignore that Brexit is happening, it is important to keep it in mind when planning a destination wedding. Many voters who chose to 'leave' are now changing their minds on whether a British exit from the European Union is the best decision. A second referendum has been rumoured for quite some time, but ultimately it is best we prepare for the decision to leave the EU as per our original vote. With news this weekend that Theresa May rejected a draft Brexit it creates a lot of volatility within the currency markets.




This is going to be the biggest affect on your destination wedding, for many different reasons. Airlines flying between the UK and other destinations within Europe have a small airfares at the moment. However, there are talks about flights and holidays in general becoming increasingly more expensive due to additional taxes that may be introduced. With this in mind, costs could potentially go up for your accommodation and guests accommodation. 


Will our marriage still be valid?


The answer to this one is, yes. Regardless of whether or not we exit the EU all marriages are still legal. There are many countries that are not part of the EU that people choose for their destination wedding locations. You obtain a special visa for marriage and then apply for a marriage certificate. The other alternative is to do all the legal bits in the UK and be married by a celebrant in your country of choice.


Should I secure my currency rate in advance?


We would always advise the best way to minimise risk of the currency market movement is to secure a rate for up to 12 months using our 'Book a Forward' tool. You can secure the total amount of your wedding and pay a small deposit to ensure, if we do exit the EU and the markets are affected, that your rate is secure and nothing will change. You can also split your payments so if you need to send to multiple wedding suppliers, you can do this easily. 


Should we delay the wedding?


This is completely a personal preference when it comes to the wedding date. Ultimately, whether you get married now or after Brexit, if everything is paid for there is no reason as to why you would need to change the date. As previously mentioned, if EU laws change you can still have a celebrant present to marry you in front of your wedding guests. 


Photo Credit: Neverending Magic 


Best Advice


The best advice that Wedding Forex could give you is to hire a wedding planner when it comes to your destination wedding. They will be up-to-date on the current news and especially if they are local to your chosen place of marriage, they will know what's going on with marriage laws.  Venues are good for keeping in contact with as they will also be able to give you this information, however it will all be online when the Brexit happens. 


If you need to secure your rate for up to 12 months, you can register an account by going to and clicking the 'Register' button. It doesn't cost anything to use the service and we only charge £10 for transactions under £3000. Remember - your guests can use us too!









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