What To Include In Your Destination Wedding Invitations

October 1, 2018

Firstly, as an experienced Wedding Planner, I will always tell my clients to send their invitations out around 6 months before the wedding date. However, with a destination wedding I always recommend to my clients to give at least 12 months notice. This is so, if people need to book time off work they can do so within that year.


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You may want to think about adding in a little more detail than you would with a normal wedding invitation. Are you going for the travel-themed invite, showcasing a luggage tag or passport themed wedding invitation? Or will you go with an invitation that suits more of the style of wedding you are going for? Heres a list of things to ensure you add into your destination wedding invitations:


1. Ensure you have the exact address for both ceremony and accommodation. Quite often, you can have two hotels with similar names which can cause a problem when your guests are searching for this online. If you have a wedding website, of course the link will direct them straight to this, but if you don't and just send out your paper invitations then you will need to make this clear.


2. Be clear on the date and time of the wedding. If you would like to have your guests arrive earlier than the actual wedding day then put this on your info card of your wedding invitation. This is important if you want all your guests to attend a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. 


3. Visa Requirements. Make your guests aware of any visa requirements if needed and how far in advance they need to do this. It's worth giving your guest a nudge closer to the time via social media to let them know this needs to be done (if required).


4. Dietary Requirements are important with a destination wedding. A lot of allergies can become easily missed in this mis-communication between the language barrier. If you have a wedding planner located in that area they can of course translate these details for you. If you don't then make sure you liaise with the catering team and make them clear of any allergies or dietary preferences.


5. Emergency Contact. You can choose to have this on your wedding website or on your info cards, although I think it is handy to have it on your wedding invitations. Particularly if a guest suffers with any medical problems you can put details for your local hospital or any emergency number details on the info card of your destination wedding invitation. 


6. Transportation needs to be made clear on where and when your guests will be picked up. It's important to keep track of which guests will have a hire car and which guests won't. Guests will be expecting to be picked up if you are not getting married in the accommodation you are staying. If you aren't arranging this then ensure it is clear on your info cards.


If you require any additional help with making a payment to your wedding supplier or wedding venue overseas than contact email us hello@weddingforex.com and mark for the attention of Illy, our Wedding Planner expert.


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