Wedding suppliers – do you work with clients overseas for your wedding services, but find that the amount of money you receive differs from the amount you invoiced due to the loss in exchange rate? 

Wedding Forex offers a trusted payments platform that will allow you to receive your payments securely from each of your clients. Our easy-to-use service allows you to track your payments every step of the way, to know exactly what you’ll receive and when it will arrive in your account.

It can be difficult working out what to invoice your clients, especially when there is so much fluctuation on market movement. You invoice a client in their currency, but as a result, you end up losing money on the receiving end. By using Wedding Forex you can secure a live rate, which fixes that rate until your clients are ready to pay. 


You can secure your rate BEFORE your client makes the transfer to you for the invoice. Once the rate is secured Wedding Forex physically purchase the currency, so this rate never changes.  

As wedding planners, you’re often required to hold your clients’ money in order to pay for other suppliers on their behalf. This can make you susceptible to currency market fluctuation. Our tools are tailored for wedding planners, enabling your client to pay us directly to the account you hold with us. You keep that money on account until ready to pay suppliers, securing a rate and minimising the risk of holding those clients funds directly. Use our ‘Book a Forward’ tool to secure a rate for up to 12 months, to give you total peace of mind throughout the planning process. You can draw down on these amounts if needed, whilst keeping the exact same rate you had negotiated initially. 

You work hard for your money, creating beautiful weddings for your clients. Why throw away your hard-earned cash to the banks when you can save these costs? Using Wedding Forex can save 4-6% compared to the banks, that’s a huge amount of money. We promise to charge no more than 1% above the interbank rate* to ensure you get the best currency rate possible.



At Wedding Forex we only charge a £10 processing fee for any payments under £3000,

much less than your normal high street bank.

*Interbank Rate – The interbank rate is a mid-market rate used by banks to measure the movement in foreign currency markets. This is a non-tradable rate, which is simply used to measure market movement. 

Photography Credit - Claire Macintyre


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